Prepared foods


Prepared foods from your local supermarket would seem like a good idea for both the consumer and the supermarket.  Before something goes stale or rotten, the supermarket cooks it and puts it out in refrigerated sections so you don’t have to cook dinner that night.  You can buy as much or as little as you wish, and hopefully, its better than frozen or fast food.  Its cooked in a better way, hopefully without chemicals, preservatives and anything else you don’t want to put into your body.

I often find these items to be hit or miss, mostly miss.  Below is a perfect example:

The shrimp and scallop cake was previously frozen after it was cooked.  So, it was thawed, but still cold. I don’t use microwaves, even still, there was no way for this to come out good.  It was tasty, but all of it was disappointing.  Next we have Quinoa.  It seems to becoming popular, its cultivated for thousands of years in the Andes in South America.  Its a grain that is more of a seed like bean sprouts, not as tasty, and quite frankly, tasted like eating growing grass seed. Maybe I had a bad version of it, but its not something I would enjoy, the same way I don’t enjoy farofa in Brazil.  Last we have the soft shell crab.  Something I love, but have not had in years because they really need to be fresh, fried and they just are not the same size they used to be many years ago.  This one was too thin, small, over breaded and over fried.  So, what did this disappointing meal cost?  $6 for the crab, $5 for the shrimp and scallop cake and $1.65 for the quinoa.  So I am thinking for $13 I could have gone to any local restaurant and had something much fresher, more tasty and even more tasty, plus it would be hot and I would not have to reheat it.  I think supermarket buffets and prepared meals are best at face value.  Salads, rotisserie chicken, anything already hot that you will eat immediately, or anything room temperature like a salad you can eat later without it spoiling.

Let’s face it, food is expensive these days, so if you are not going to save money and cook it yourself, try dining out.  You have the luxury of being waited on and its just a few bucks more if that.



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