Soda Prohibition


I love soda, who doesn’t?  Retro America from 1950s on was probably built on soda, with burger stands offering Coke, Pepsi, 7Up, Stewarts Root Beer, Sprite, the list goes on.  As much as I love soda, as we all do, I try to limit my soda intake to 1-2 per week, not 3 each day like most who enjoy Coke or Mountain Dew or whatever.

So, New York Mayor Bloomberg sent a bill to limit the serving size to 16 ounces.  No more 32oz. Big Gulps from 7-11 or fast food chains.  Go to YouTube and look up a 1950s commercial for Coca-Cola.  You will see its the famous shaped glass bottle that is 8ounces.  That is legitimate, even 12 ounces each day is legitimate but 16-32 ounces? I don’t think so.  This is not about limiting freedom but making people aware of the dangers and making it more inconvenient and therefore more expensive for them to consume more than 16ounces per sitting of any beverage.  It does make sense.  If you are addicted, then go to a bar, or grocery store, or bring it from home.  But if you insist on drinking enough soda for 4 people at lunch time which will cause health problems which the average tax payer has to contribute to (billions), then yes, you should pay double, and yes you should be made aware of the fact that drinking more than 8-12 ounces is a problem, and if you find that the extra money you have to spend is a problem, think about those who drink flavored water, iced tea, seltzer with slice of lemon, who ultimately have to pay way more than they should to help those with obesity, diabetes and heart/health problems.

I honestly believe that we have the freedom and right to eat, drink and drink and live as we wish.  But if we are obese or prone to disease due to our dietary habits, others do have a right to speak out.  After all, if you are not 100% insured for your lifestyle and eating habits, why should your friend next door pay for it?  We all have vices.  I do love soda but know its only a treat on weekends.  Same as cigars. As for Alcohol, I am Italian, I like it with every meal, but I do pay 25% tax on it… they say its bad, but the French and Italians drink it all day long and its been show to reduce heart risk — its all good, I am aware of the warning, I pay my dues, and hopefully that money will trickle back down to those who do not drink but who consume 3 cokes per day and burden my health care premium.   Its about education and discouraging you from making a bad voice you otherwise would have not known about.  I honestly think most people don’t know the harm they are causing to themselves.  A soda?  What can be harmful over a beer?  The truth is, there are many killers, and none in moderation can be deadly, but several daily can be.

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