Memorial Day


Memorial Day is a National Holiday which is supposed to commemorate those who have served in war, battle or time of conflict for our country (United States), we take the last Monday in May off to celebrate, commemorate and remember those who have fought, who have died and/or have been injured, and those who have been injured for life trying to protect our country’s ideals.  Right or wrong (and no country, administration, or leader is 100% correct 100% of the time) but a soldier or person in the armed forces obeys the commands and carries out the mission without question.

My uncles served in WWII, my father was attacked by Kamikaze (Japanese suicide airplanes) in the South Pacific and only suffered shrapnel in his leg.  I know plenty who were in Korea, Vietnam, even the first Gulf War.  And with all this talk about gays (homosexuals, male or female) in the military, I really think its a non-issue.  There have been gays in the military since there was a military, and to be honest, I don’t really care, if they are going to give their life to protect mine, why would I oppose it?  They should have the same freedom they are risking (and giving) their lives to keep us who can longer serve, safe and protected.

It takes a lot of guts, courage, and selflessness to be brave enough to go out and fight people who are trying to kill you and your spirit and your national origin with little or no reward.  I personally salute those in uniform and those behind the uniform to help this cause.  Again, not always the best war, or the most popular, but nonetheless they never question their assignment.  

This say also officially kicks off the Summer season.  This is a joyous occasion when we hit the beaches, local resorts, pools, etc.  Sure, summer is time for celebration in the colder climates when we endured a rough winter, but We could not enjoy this season of beaches, parks and local attractions if it were not for those who served to allow us this freedom of leisure time or a holiday.  

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