Cafeteria Catholic

Cafeteria Catholic

I heard a term on the radio in which the guest referred to himself as a “Cafeteria Catholic”.  They choose some of this, some of that, but never fully embrace 100% of the religion.  I almost understand this.  Hey, we all know there should be no stealing, killing, adultery, lying, deceiving, event and worship of false idols.  We get that.  But when we read the old testament and we are told no shrimp cocktail or no bacon? Well, agriculture has evolved over the past 2000 years.  Shrimp might be bottom feeders, but now most are farm raised and given diet of food that is not food that falls to the bottom of the ocean floor.  At the same time, pigs who will eat anything are now cross bred with boars who will only eat healthy organic foods, they are often cleaner animals than chicken or beef.  So worry more about preservatives you put in your body rather than the type of animal.  Fact is, God would NOT want you filling your body with preservatives if fesh food without preservatives was available.

Religion can give us a wide array of rules, but remember, most religions are the same: Take care of yourself, be kind to others, and don’t rape, kill, steal or be greedy.  Remain faithful to those who are faithful to you and don’t deceive people in the name of God or for any other reason for that matter.  Simple rules to live by even if you are not even remotely religious.


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