Like most new things, I never bought into Netflix.  After all, I barely watched HBO and never had Showtime.  Once The Sopranos ended, I cancelled HBO since I found Boardwalk disappointing.  Yes, I am told I didn’t give it enough chance, and I probably didn’t but I am often too busy to watch TV, especially on weekends and I still don’t DVR things because I still have VHS tapes from the 1990s that I never watched that I taped on the VCR thinking I would watch later.  For me, there is no later, only the moment.

However, with Netflix, I do have tons of stuff I can bookmark and/or add to my instant que to watch whenever.  Through TV via Blu-Ray player, laptop, iPad, even iPhone.

So with the demise of The Sopranos, us Italian Americans who love the drama and art of Cavone Theatre (mafia, the original reality TV), Netflix has an original series with Stevie VanZant (Silvio from The Sopranos) and its a great side story or spinoff to The Sopranos.  Like The Sopranos, its so ridiculous yet entertaining and humorous that its a hit, even if you just care to waste time.

Its kind of like The Sopranos meet Red Rock West – things are happening in a vacuum, but they continue to go on.  Even the music eerily match that from the sound track from Red Rock West.  Its something that is isolated far away and is so intense you only see what is going on in that microcosm of time and situation.  What makes it more interesting is the fact that everyone is interconnected somehow like a Larry David script which makes it all the more entertaining.

Its free if you have Netflix, and I can’t figure out if its a spoof, a sequel or a serious new series.  IN any case, its surely entertaining.  A mobster, turned informant goes into the witness protection plan in Norway, where he thinks no one can possibly find him.  The cultural differences are soon overcome by a veteran mafioso and this where the entertainment ensues.


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