Wedding Hangover

The Wedding Hangover.  When people talk about this they automatically think there was an open bar, and way too much fun, eating and drinking was done at a wedding the night before.  But for us wedding photographers and videographers, it simply means we worked a triple or even quadruple.  Weddings from April through the end of October and into November are common.  Often in April, May, June and especially September we are working every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and now due to the expense of weddings and the smart brides who know they can get their favorite venue or catering hall much cheaper on a Thursday night, yes, that means many of us are working 4 days each weekend.  And when Monday comes, I don’t care how old/young/seasoned/skilled you are, Monday, your body aches, you have a headache, you are tired and can sleep till noon, get up to eat, maybe watch TV for a few hours, then get back into bed.  Its rough. You are working from 11am up till Midnight or later plus travel time.  No complaints about the work coming in, but Heaven help the person that calls you before 10am on a Monday morning thinking “its a brand new week” for business.  No, Monday we need to recover and Thursday are our Friday’s, and if the economy continues to struggle, we will be working Thursdays so Wednesday is our Friday — again, no complaints, because I know I am in an recession-proof business.  People will never stop getting married.  They may cut back on the formalities and reception, but the fact is, if they want guests to give cash contributions, they have to have the reception at a nice venue to cover the cost of the meal. Its a celebration, they have a number of guests they can invite to cover the costs, so it only seem right that those guests can contribute a gift to cover the cost of their meal along with entertainment.  For me, there is nothing better than a wedding.  Great food, plenty of it, great entertainment, and people, family and friends you normally would not see.  So, weddings are a fun and happy occasion to indulge in.

And, for us professionals, sure, its tiring, we work 10-15 hours with little more than 10-15 minutes break, but we love the work, we love the industry and we love the opportunity to capture great photos and video with the latest and greatest technology available to us.

So, if Monday comes and we can’t function due to 3 or 4 15-hour days in a row, its all worth it… we had fun, we made money, we have a lot of creative material to work with, and we ate well.  Just let us sleep in and no calls after 12 noon?  We only have 3 more days to recover before we do it all over again.  🙂



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