Lemon Sole

Lemon Sole

Lemon Sole is found in the shallow waters of Northern Europe and is a flat fish similar to flounder, halibut, turbot.  But honestly any fish can work with this dish.  Somehow, lemon and butter are always an easy hit with any type of fish fillet.  Its a beautiful piece of fish, I wish I had taken a photo prior to cooking it.  Its very white, very thin and firm but watch out, you can overcook it easily, and as you can see, this one broke apart when I removed it from the pan.

What you will need:
– Unsalted Butter
– Large lemon, sliced thin, about 1/16″ or 5mm (slightly thicker than a coin)
– Lemon Sole or other filet of fish, no more than 1/4″ to 1/2″ thick
– Sea Salt & Pepper
– Flour or Bread Crumbs
– Capers (Optional)
– Fresh chopped Parsley (optional as garnish and/or for flavor)
– Fresh Oregano or good quality dried oregano is also optional, but I would mix with the breadcrumbs

Simply heat a medium to large sautee pan on medium heat until the butter melts, add your lemons, allow to brown, about 2 mins on each side.  Sprinkle salt and pepper onto your fish fillet on both sides and then dredge in flour or breadcrumbs.  I prefer breadcrumbs, nicer color, better flavor, and flour is what makes bread anyway, right?

Move your lemons off to both sides of the pan, gently place your fish into the pan away from you so if it hot butter splatters it does not splatter on you.  While the fish cooks, remove the lemon slices and arrange on a plate, I like to use tongs. Add in your capers (drained and rinsed).  After 2 minutes, if the fish is not sticking, flip it over on its other side and continue to cook if the fish breaks when you pick it up with tongs you know its done, but the trick is to remove it just before that point as it will continue to cook even once removed.  Its hard to undercook it in this case. 2 minutes maximum each side.  Once you place the fish on a bed of lemons, add more butter or even olive oil to the pan with the capers and of course another squeeze of lemon.  Pour this over your fish, add some fresh chopped parsley and serve with fresh lemon on the side.  Sure, there is plenty of lemon there, but I always like more.  In fact, I even eat the caramelized lemons it was cooking in, rind and all!  This dish is simple, but gourmet and cannot take more than 10 mins from prep to cooking time.  Serve with salad, potatoes or rice, they all work.


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