Midnight Snacks

Who still does the Midnight snack thing?  We saw evidence of it in the 1950s and 1960s when Americans started working overtime and came home after a double shift and needed something to eat.  Maybe it was Dagwood or Ralph Kramden of The Honeymooners, but it was never out of place or an over indulgence.  Though, these days we can beg to differ.  Anything with a lot of salt will keep us thirsty, away and waking early dying of thirst.  I try to steer clear of anything too salty like pizza, popcorn, potato chips.  But I still have to ask, what is your favorite Midnight Snack?

Tonight I did not have breakfast or lunch.  It was a tough day and most of it on the road, and I don’t really eat fast food that often.  I did stop at one “famous” place that serves a pizza bread loaf of sausage, potatoes, onions, and peppers, but while it was filling, it was disappointing.  Sure they say “Fat Tuesdays” get a double for a single price, but the fact is, the only use one slim hot dog, half a link of sausage. fill it to the top with potatoes, and the bread becomes the main player.  But, in spite of all that I cannot complain because it was only $4.95 — if it was $5.01 I would have gotten it free via FourSquare.com — spend more than $5, get $5 off.  So they planned this well. They give you a double at the price of a single, and only offer the $5 off if you spend more than $5 so they price it at $4.95 — so unless you are ordering for 2, its basically business as usual.

So, at midnight I decided I needed a break.  I had my drink and had a bacon, egg, feta cheese and fresh tomato sandwich on fresh Italian panel bread all done in the cast iron skillet with olive oil.  Delicious.  It was worth all the calories, even the regret in the morning when I am thirsty.  This was a win.  I just have to remember to have this for brunch instead of a midnight snack in the future.

I can think of worse midnight snacks, can you?  Please share…


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