You Won the Lottery, Now What?

The Largest Lottery Prize in History.

The largest lottery jackpot prize in history is $500,000,000 ($500 million), if no one wins, it can go up to $1 Billion.  So the most popular question for fun is what would you do if you won?  Naturally everyone says they would quit their job.  Its not that we hate working, maybe we hate the inconvenience of getting up at a certain time, maybe its a coworker or even a boss.  But I honestly don’t think people never want to work again.  I think we would create our dream job.  For someone such as a cook, it might be opening a great restaurant.  For someone who is a photographer of live events, perhaps traveling the world and opening up a gallery of artwork, all sales would be donated to the charity of the purchaser’s choice.  For news videographers, maybe they would start a serious of independent documentaries.  I would fit into one of those categories.

Naturally we would want to help out our struggling family and friends, and those friends who are doing well, we would probably pad their children’s college savings fund.  Younger people tend to say they would quit their job and buy a killer apartment in their city of choice, but I think we would all do that, but the older people would definitely want to set up a charity trust fund different than any other (as much as could be) to put a permanent footprint to a face that helped make it reality.

One of my favorite stories is that of Hollywood Actor Bruce Willis.  When he finally hit it big and became rich and famous in Hollywood, he decided to keep his dive apartment in New York.  Every time he is back in the area, he visits it, so he always remembers what it was like when he was struggling and where he is now.  I can admire that.  I think I might do the same.  I don’t live in an apartment, but I would pay off my house and just keep it as a storage unit for all the stuff I inherited from my parents, relatives, etc.

Cleaning and clearing out old photos, phone bills, useless items I was forced to clear from my parent’s houses which I have no time to discard would become my hobby when I am back in that area I currently call home.  A huge part of me always wants to call this home.  But so many things are changing, and where I live now would just be known as a “hub” since its the town I’ve lived in all my life, 20 minutes or less from Newark International Airport, the train, the bus, Manhattan, my friends, relatives, other favorites, etc.  I would not want to abandon somewhere I’ve lived all my life, but I would branch out.

I’d buy a nice penthouse in Manhattan.  I’d buy a nice house at the Jersey Shore, maybe even Atlantic City.  I most definitely would buy a condo on the beach in Brazil, and most definitely all of these homes would have at least 2 cars, food, champagne, etc.

On the news they went through how much money you can spend in one night.  $30,000 for the best room at The Four Seasons in Manhattan; $1,000 for a pizza with 4  different types of caviar; $500 for a bottle of champagne at a local lounge, or even $2k for 1 ounce of perfume.  Still, you have a long way to go before it gets old and you run out of money.

For me, its food, travel, culture.  I would buy a yacht to travel where ever I could. It would be my home on the water.  If it took more than a week by yacht to get there, I would buy a luxury jet that looked more like a luxury living room on the inside. I would travel the world, (working) taking photos, visiting the indigenous peoples, visiting the rich, the poor, the common citizens, learning how they live, what they cook and eat and then bring it all back home to the USA and buy an empty mall or building a new one to make a shopping center.  Maybe it would be a little (but far better) than EPCOT, which each country would have its own pavilion and shopping center of food, clothes, products, and it would be relevantly situated geographically.  For example, it would be oval, and in the top floor would be Alaska on the left side, and Siberia on the top floor of Right side.  IT would always be air conditioned.  and Naturally the subterranean floors would be tropical and warm… quite a concept no?  And yes, all the profits made from those pavilions or stores would go to help the starving and poor in that particular country.

I think when we are young (20-30) we think of how to better our lives.  When we are older (40-50) we think how to better our family, and when we are 50+ we think of how to better the world.  No, I am not that age yet, but I can admire people like Bill Gates who was the youngest self-made billionaire at the age of 40, and he is doing what no one really expected him to do.  Give away billions to charity, travel the world and help those who could not help themselves.  I don’t even think its a hero complex, or trying to right the wrongs we did before in the past.  I think everyone deep inside, want to help other people, but we want to do it in a regulated way as some don’t take advantage, there is no government interference, and we personally decide who needs the help most.  Its not about power or a God complex, and each of us has our reasons for deciding on how we are going to change the world for the better.

So, what would you do if you won $500 million dollars other than quit your job and buy a fancy car?


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