Daylight “Saving” Time

Daylight Saving Time

Yes, its Daylight Saving Time.  The good news is Spring is near soon.  The bad news, we have to sacrifice an hour of sleep to compensate for extra daylight.  But why?  I know we gain and get that hour back in the Fall when Autumn arrives, but why do we have to go through this exercise and adjustment at all?  Anyone that lives in any part of the world knows that when the sun sets earlier, its winter, and when it sets very late, its summer, so why bother with the Government telling us when to adjust our clocks?

Well, its all a result of an effort to save energy almost 70 years ago during World War II.  They figured, people would go to bed an hour earlier, thus conserving energy, lights, heat, radio, maybe even electricity to power TV (if a family was fortunate enough to afford one).  But today, its nonsense. The fact is, that if we go home from work an hour earlier, we have the air conditioner running one hour more in the summer, or one hour more in the winter.  Same as with television, radio, electricity, etc.  I know air conditioning and computers, or even extended TV time did not exist 70 years ago, but now it does, so why not ditch this practice?  It saves no time, no convenience, and only adds to confusion.  In fact, it probably costs more money in the effort to adjust than what its worth.  We know in the winter we go to work in the dark and come home nearly in the dark but in the summer, we go to work in daylight and its not dark till after 9pm, so, let’s just live live.  Don’t apply or imply governmental, environmental or any other type rules to our lifestyle.  We know the drill… don’t confuse us and the rest of the world needlessly.  Thanx!



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