Death Row Food

Death Row Food

While many local counties and governments are doing away with death row inmates final meal, I am all for it.  No, i do not glamorize their crimes and often many are not guilty 100% of the time, so the deserve one last good meal of their liking.  Even foodies on cable TV have spoken about their last meal.  But one thing remains consistent, and that is basic fast foods like burgers, fries, fried chicken, pizza, and slightly more sophisticated steak and lobster.  It all makes sense, you are not going to eat something healthy, nor will you eat something you don’t occasionally like such as sushi.  You want your favorite meal.  If mom is not around, then its probably going to be a close 2nd or even a fast food.

A burger and fries from a fast food restaurant is not unreasonable. IN fact, even if you kill one of these inmates, its worth it.  Each inmate costs the taxpayer about $40k/year – that is more than most people make in the inner city. So why keep them around?  Give them their favorite meal and let God and/or the afterlife take care of them from that moment on.


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