Explaining Syria Crisis

Explaining The Syrian Crisis

If anyone has tuned into the news in the last few months, especially the world news, each and every night daily has been Syria.  I watch 2 International news broadcasts every night and Syria was always the one of the first, if not the first news story. So what is happening?  The Syrian government is slaughtering its own people, in far worse fashion than the former governments of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. To date, all these previously mentioned countries have had their government dictators overthrown and even killed in the instance of Libya.  Egypt’s past leader is in poor health, but still being put on trial though he is currently hospitalized.

Geographically, the country of Syria borders Turkey in the north, Iraq to the East, and Lebanon to the West.  Its next closest neighbors are Greece, Iran, Egypt and Libya.  Talk about a worst-case scenario, Syria has a very powerful government and military, and given the above geography, let’s face it, none of its surrounding neighbors are in a position to stop the bloodshed and slaughter of what is sure to be 10,000 civilians before anyone puts a stop to it.

So where is the United Nations?  On the permanent security council (the “police” of the world) are the USA, UK, France, China and Russia. The UN along with the USA, UK and France are all very much ready to intervene and send aid, military and whatever needed, however, Russia and China are opposed and have used their Veto power to decline an international intervention.  A proposal to stop the slaughter and send military intervention must be unanimous.  And even though the USA, UK and France are the majority, Russia and China refuse to cooperate.  Why?  Politics.  Russia and China do not want the “West” interfering with the East.  Let’s face it, the United States has already brought enough conflict to regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and now might be facing yet another war with Iran.  Russia and China don’t like the fact that the United States basically has a license to kill, even without the United Nation’s consent.  Many Arab critics first condemned the USA for not taking action to end the violence in Libya.  Then once the UN and France decided to send forces, they insisted the USA lead the pack since they have the best resources (AKA the best military technology, weaponry and training).  Many times people view the USA as an Imperial Power much like the UK in the “old days” but the truth is, the USA acts upon the wishes of the UN and the UN Security Council.  And of course, once the USA lead air strikes into Libya, the same people complaining about USA and the UN doing “nothing” now were saying “the USA just loves to bomb other countries with their high powered state-of-the art military, “they are a blood thirsty country”.  So, USA does nothing, and we are wasting our military because there is no benefit such as oil.  The USA rises to the occasion when forced and then they are accused of being blood thirsty war mongers, as if it was a sport.

As an American, I have to agree that we have far exceeded our moral obligation and taxpayer dollars to “fix” the Middle East.  we invaded Afghanistan to hunt down Osama Bin Laden.  We found him in Pakistan and killed him.  Now its time to withdraw our troops from that region and let them continue on, even if our help is minimal, we need to bring our troops and resources back home.  IT is the same with Iraq.  We removed a tyrant dictator who was responsible for acts of slaughter and genocide and now, we have withdrawn troops from that country as well.  We helped with military intervention of Libya, and now they must rebuild.  I think that the United States has met all its military obligations in that region, both in the interest of the USA and in the interest of the people in those regions who suffer from the oppression from governments and terrorist groups like the Taliban, Al Queda and terrorists in general.  We, the USA, are not an ATM of unlimited military resources for all trouble parts of the world.  The world blames us for wars, the economy and policing the world, but they never give us, the USA credit for trying to do humanitarian things.  Sure, we got credit for World War II by defeating Nazi Germany from engulfing all of Europe (and probably beyond).  But after that, we were just seen as bullys using our strength to wage war just for whatever we thought was right or wrong.  I would agree it was wrong in the sense of Korea and Vietnam, even Iraq.  But this world will have endless opportunities to save other countries from Tsunami, earthquakes, drought, famine, floods, and so many other natural disasters.  But yet, since the USA is on the permanent UN Security Council, when it is agreed that military intervention is needed, we must respond, by International law.

So, let’s put that all aside for a moment.  Where is the League of Arab Nations?  They came to Syria, looked around, then left.  No serious feedback, reporting or recommendations were delivered.  I understand, one would not go into a neighbor’s house and say “yes, please come bomb us” knowing that there will be repercussions on those countries that invite military intervention.  However, Turkey is a country who has military and can intervene.  Maybe their military is not as strong as Syria, and maybe Syria and Turkey share citizens just as much as any other neighboring countries so war is not an option.  However, someone needs to get involved here and I think the best people, ironically are the Russians and Chinese, the very same people opposing intervention.  Let the USA sit this one out.  We have enough wars and occupation in other countries to keep us busy for years.  Let’s let the emerging economic countries step up to the plate.  Yes, that would be Russia, China, and while India is not not on the UN Security council, perhaps they should, along with Brazil who is constantly denied this position.  Brazil is the most friendly country (as can be) on the planet for its size/power/economy.  I have to agree with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that what China and Russia are doing to prevent an end to this slaughter is, in her words “despicable”.  Trust me, I want to see the USA Military here back at home, with their families, and out of harm’s way.  And if they love the thrill of danger, there are plenty of tornado, hurricane, flood victims and other humanitarian efforts needed on American soil as well as its surrounding countries and neighbors.

I am all about helping those less fortunate.  But I am not all about those too lazy to help  themselves and their neighbors.  This is a classic case.  Why spend money and risk lives when eventually the USA will come in and fix it and they can take the bad rap and  international public relations nightmare?  Its unfair to the USA, its unfair to its citizens who are starving and struggling and its unfair that we are commanded by the UN and other strong nations to always take the lead.  We did that in WWII upon our own effort, but now it should not be demanded of the USA.  Many might see the USA as a bully, but I see them as a being taken advantage of by the rest of the world.  Despite its wealth and military power, that is NOT a reason to “fix” the world at our own expense and breed more hatred for it.



One thought on “Explaining Syria Crisis

  1. Thank you for that dicotomy of the Syrian Conflicts. I’m relativly reclusive when it comes to current affairs and have been very much in the dark concerning the issues surrpunding the this. A very imformative read.

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