Pasta Agosto: Simple & Delicious

Linguine en Agosto (Summer Pasta, simply prepared)

So, I am in Rome at my cousin Giuseppe’s house sometime in the 1990s. He makes me sit through an entire Phil Collins concert on TV and I have to translate the meaning of the lyrics. Afterward, finally we get to eat. Its quite simple, You boil the water, you add the pasta and you use canned tuna along with oregano, black pepper, fresh extra virgin olive oil and some parsley (which he ironically had frozen but you can easily find fresh). I like to add a squeeze of fresh lemon. Mix together, its easy, fast, delicious, its light, its nutritious, and perfect, summer or winter, as long as you want a light but filling meal. The great thing about this is that its always a winner. Canned tuna lasts for years, pasta lasts for years, it could even be considered pantry survival food. Tuna has all the nutrients, it does not need cooking (fresh it can be eaten like sushi, canned, its already cooked), fish is healthy, the only limitation is if you do not like tuna and/or fish, otherwise, its a perfect food, and no wonder why its a commodity like coffee or orange juice… its a staple. Enjoy!


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