Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year! Yes, it is also the Chinese New Year, as it has been celebrated since times before Christ, thousands of years. It is estimated that 1 out of every 4 people in the NYC area are Asian and they need their own national holiday. The Muslims have requested 2 observed holidays.

The United States has not just become a melting pot, but an overflowing melting pot. I think there should be at least one holiday per month, and if a particular ethnic group does not identify with that (say president’s day or Martin Luther King Day), then they can substitute that day. I think every last week of the month should be a holiday. So every Monday at the end of the month is off/free and banks are closed. This will help alleviate government expenses such as the post office and government employees, but also, the ethnic group of choice get to celebrate their special day. Let’s face it, Americans are working harder than ever and we have the most diverse group of ethnic people though out the world. Let’s make the last week in January Chinese New Year; the Last week in February Black/African; the Last week in March Irish; last week in April Easter for the Catholics (which Jewish, Italian, and Hispanic Cultures, etc would appreciate); I can go on, but I know there is a lot of opposition with much of this.

Fact is, other countries get 3-4 weeks vacation per year. Americans get 1-2. Why not add 1 day per month so at the end of the year they have an extra 12 days, which is almost 2 weeks? Let’s bring back Cinco de Mayo for the Mexicans, 4th of July for Americans, August for American Laborers, September for all, October for Farmers/Halloween, November Thanksgiving for All, and December for all the various ethnic groups that celebrate something – of the don’t – enjoy the day off!

Hail the Year of the Dragon!


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