Sea Scallops Dinner

Seared Sea Scallops & Asparagus on a Bed of Smashed Red Potatoes

Looks pretty and complicated, but really isn’t. Simply boil salted water, chop a potato into 1″ cubes with skin on, once the are tender (test with fork, if the fork goes in easily, turn off heat), add in your asparagus tips, let stand for 5 mins. Heat your non-stick skillet with olive oil till nearly smoking, add in scallops seasoned with sea salt and pepper (score with a knife if you wish)… put in, allow to cook mostly through. If you can flip them WITHOUT tearing the seared flesh (the best part), either allow to cook more, or flip if ready. Add a dab of butter to scallops… include lemon on the dish if desired… add butter to mashed potatoes, mash, bed a plate, add asparagus, add your scallops… drizzle with olive oil, butter and/or lemon… you can’t lose with this dish…


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