Why Life Is Less Stressful

Why Life is Less Stressful

An interesting report on the radio today (Joan Hamburg WOR 710AM in New York), we are actually suffering less from stress these days. How? The economy continues to worsen, jobs are harder to find, and if you find one you are paid less than you would have gotten years ago, so why are we suffering less from stress? Because we are used to it! That is what a recent report finds. I guess it is true, what does not kill us makes us stronger. And, we should also note that while unemployment is at 10% (depending on which report you read/believe), remember, its NEVER been lower than 4%. So basically anyone that wanted to work when it was 4% could find work. Some people just don’t want to work, its easier to collect unemployment, or be married and raise children, or just do side jobs and/or not even file/claim unemployment and/or pay taxes. So, let’s just say the unemployment rate is in fact 5 or 6% overall, that means that 95% of us that want to work can still work and are still employed. The mortgage crisis is real, and there are many people in many parts of the country where factories have closed shop. The makers of Twinkies (Hostess) has filed for bankruptcy because of employee medical benefits. I agree with the 65 year old retiree who paid into the system for 45 years and now is told they will get nothing. They are entitled, however, the people that currently have jobs and are not retired should rethink suing the companies who employ them over something they can recover from. We all have to make adjustments and stop waiting for the Government, Bankers, Politicians and the “Economy” to correct itself. We have to tighten the belt, accept less money, work harder, then those (the survivors) will see a positive change. No, its not fair, but we know already that life is not fair. And maybe its even less fair these days, but if you have work, the lights are on, you don’t go to bed hungry and you don’t have bill collectors calling you all hours of any day of the week, count your blessings and if you don’t get a cost of living increase in wages or you can’t afford the type of vacation you normally would have taken, just be happy you are not living with in-laws, parents, or in the streets. Americans (in general) don’t realize what we are living through now, other countries have been living through forever. That is why Europeans are generally more thrifty and frugal. And now, the ride is over, we don’t need to change our 300 DVD collection over to Blu-ray. We don’t need to show our 16 year old daughter we love her so much that we need to throw her a fancy party at a well known catering hall, and we certainly don’t need to buy the party cake from Cake Boss or any other similar reality show. No offense to these skilled bakers, but if you can afford it, fine, if not, save the money for the wedding, the education, or how about a rainy day, like when you are out of a job and can’t afford the rent or mortgage payment. But most of all, Don’t Stress! The situation is controllable, it is in our hands, and we need to make the adjustments on our end. The medicine is bitter, but it will improve our mental health.


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