Common Cold Cures

Common Cold Cures

The Common Cold. No remedy other than time and rest. Sometimes it last a few days, but when you get older it can last weeks. Then there is the “relapse” when you recover but then something brings it back because your immunity system is not fully recovered. So what works? Surely plenty of fluids, water, vitamins, and chicken soup and/or matzah ball soup. Why? well, fact is, that homemade chicken soup has the stuff you need to recover: vegetables, protein, carbohydrates and even something about the bones and meat simmering for hours that all attributes to a more speedy recovery. There is a more scientific breakdown, but you have to trust me on this… it works.

Also, in the past I have had “Hot & Sour Soup” from a local Chinese restaurant. I have no idea what is in it, but I know it always comes very hot and has a lot of hot spicy ingredients in it. It works sometimes. Its more brown in color, has tofu, strips of pork, egg, tofu, vegetables, mushrooms and a LOT of heat, maybe from hot pepper flakes, but its definitely going to give you some relief, even if temporary.

The only other step is to avoid anything cold, even if its water or soda from the refrigerator. Again, aspirin, vitamins, and though you are not hungry, its important you feed your body to build immunity… soups are a good choice, they are hot, they have everything healthy (even if they contain salt, which in this case helps dry your throat), and again, rest. We don’t always have the luxury of rest in this day and age, but we do have access to plenty of soup, crackers, bread and water no matter where you live on the planet. OK, well, maybe not EVERY where on the planet but I doubt people in the desert have hot soup and/or are suffering from fever and cold.

What’s your cure? I’d love to know… Even with a “quick fix” its known that Day 1 you don’t quite recognize it; Day 2 you try remedy; Day 3 you suffer from the recovery; Day 4 you start to feel better, and by Day 5 you have mosly gotten over it… but no matter how old or young, I think most will agree, the “common” cold is at least a 3-5 day sentence, longer if not cared for, and in a worse case scenario, a trip to the doctor for some antibiotics which will take yet another week to inoculate.

Happy New Year, and Good Luck this winter in the colder regions!


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