December Denial

December Denial

December denial.  Its a personal issue.  Normally I work my tail off from the month of March all the way through half of November.  Its only then I get to take a break from work, go on vacation to a warmer climate and then when I return its pretty brisk.  But, the economy the way it is, no vacation this year.  What hurts more than my body is working nearly every day for an entire year without a day off and not being able to go on vacation.  I think one 1-week vacation each year is not a lot to ask for working 7 days a week, 10+ hours each day for at least 11 months?

Sure, I am very happy to have a job and pay the bills, lights are on and I have a place to live.  But so do slaves. Americans get 2 weeks vacation, most cannot afford 2 weeks vacation so they take off days here and there and then take 1 week off to travel or spend away from work at the local beach, shore, mountains, or somewhere within the USA.  The rest of the world gets 3-4 weeks.  Sure, Americans might be wealthy, but our standard of living is good, but not as good if we cannot take time away from work to enjoy relaxation.

So, its December.  I worked hard all year, the weather is still relatively warm, but I walk into stores and all I hear is Christmas Music, and what is more depressing is no one can say “Merry Christmas” anymore.  They have to say “Happy Holidays” at best, but honestly, why do we have to be so miserable that we cannot embrace the holiday(s)?  Its hard enough to spend money, so why do we have to remember that we also cannot celebrate our faith or tradition?  I am not offended if someone says Happy Channukah to me, I say “to you too”  when someone wishes me a happy anything, I reciprocate. So who exactly is offended when someone says Merry Christmas?  Even if you are an atheist and the thought of a baby Jesus being born to save the world, a Santa giving gifts to children, great home cooked foods and snowmen offend you, then you have serious mental issues and problems.  Unless, you feel this season is about retailers shoving Christmas down your throat, forcing you to spend money you don’t have to make everyone else happy, only to face debts in January you cannot pay.  Then yes, you have a right to not like the Christmas season, otherwise… keep your mouth shut, let Christians, Jews, Children and Grownups with fond memories of this holiday season who love to gather with family enjoy the season.  Boycott it if you wish, but don’t disrupt it…  tell everyone you are away on vacation like I should be this month.



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