Thanksgiving – Time to Give Back

As many might know.  Thanksgiving was the collecting of the harvest and sharing with friends.  The American Native Indians shared their harvest with the European visitors, and the Europeans may have brought fine clothes, wine, furs, etc.   We don’t know for sure.  All we know is that both peacefully sat down and brought something to the table, which is a popular expression today.

The economy is so bleak now, that we should truly give thanks for what we have.  One person brings the wine the the other the pasta, the hosts serve the turkey, another guest brings the dessert, cakes, sweets, pastries, and, it all works out… everyone brings something, which is they way it should be.  Everyone should bring something to make it complete.  Even if you are out of  job and have nothing, but you have $1, you can bring a heap of Stove Top Stuffing on sale, cooked (you only need boiling water)… but in the end, everyone brings something and it turns out to be a feast just as it was back 300 years ago.  What is better, these people never experienced Italian, French or other such pastries or foods.  Its all good.

If you are fed up with family and holidays, go to church or go to a soup kitchen and volunteer to help those who have no families, food or whatever.  Better to help those in need then to sit home thinking you have nothing to offer.  Offer yourself.  Offer help.  Don’t be depressed, don’t think its a worthless holiday.. you have something to offer and you SHOULD offers it.

Let’s face it, we really only have 2 holidays left in America:  Thanksgiving and Christmas. We never “celebrate” president’s day, veteran’s day, etc.  Hopefully we celebrate Easter and/or Passover; Thanksgiving; Christmas – all other holidays are related to the Super Bowl, maybe Halloween, but never anything else…. Sure the 4th of July is great, but there are many summer holidays when we can have BBQ cookouts.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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