Take Advantage

We have always been told to NOT take advantage of things, especially people, But let’s face it. Cruises are almost half price, as are many air flights and destinations. they are calling us to take advantage. Why? They are less than 50% capacity… which means, whether they fly with a full plane or half a tourist ship, it costs the same amount of money whether at full or half capacity. So, take advantage of cheap fares and travel for half the price. It is a good thing, You are helping airlines/cruiseships and of course employing all the chefs, attendants, waiters, housecleaning crew, etc. etc.

Many of us might not have money for vacation, or may not have saved enough money for the vacation we planned… that is this is why you should consider other options. The USA is so large, with so many options for everyone… so explore what you can for a fraction of the price!

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