The Problem with Occupy Wall Street

The Problem with “Occupy Wall Street” is that it hinders the economy of restaurants, residents and small businesses in that area that have nothing to do do with a failing economy.   They should be Occupying White House, Washington DC and/or the Senate, Congress, etc.  The US Government bailed out big banks and CEOs at the Tax Payer expense.  Yes, the CEOs and bank executives earned (stole, embezzled, whichever term you wish to give it), and then handed the US Government a bankrupt institution.  The US Government agreed to absorb those losses by bailing them out, and letting the rich CEOs free with little or no prosecution.  American Capitalism works.  What doesn’t work is when a bank goes bankrupt and the government agrees to bail them out at our expense (the taxpayer).  Why do they get to keep their millions, billions, yachts, homes, etc, while the rest of us have to go into foreclosure on our properties because we lost employment and had to liquidate our retirement accounts which were worth half the value prior to the economic collapse?

Again, greed is bad, and the people of Wall Street need to be held accountable.  Its the equivalent of giving an alcoholic or drug addict free cocktails and/or free cocaine.  Why would you reward bad behavior?  Why is the US bailing out banks that broke the backs of honest, hard working American tax payers?  Blame Wall Street if you like (and they are to blame) but blame the police for looking the other way (the US Government).  They ultimately control the country, or do they?  Is it that Washington looks away because these major moneymaking power brokers finance their election campaigns?  Or is it because they are somehow in bed together and both benefitting?  No matter how you look at it.  They should occupy Washington, not Wall Street.

Residents are being heckled as they make their way to work.  What used to be a Farmer’s Market is now camp ground of those who never even occupied a job, let alone Wall Street.  Restaurants in the area report a drop of 50% in business, that means that waiters, waitresses, cooks, dishwashers, even taxicab drivers are also at a loss in a time where every penny (yes penny, not nickels or dimes) are being considered money.  Why?  Why must the city pay overtime to police and emergency workers when they are laying off other public servants including school teachers?

The City of New York already in dire straits after several terrorist attacks, a blackout and countless other burdens, why this?  Why now?  Many have news reporters have gone to interview these protestors and not one has a valid response as to why they are there.  They are frustrated, they cannot find  a job, but more so, they are not looking for work.  These people are who hippies call hippies.  They feel entitled as if the world owes them something.  What about those of us who are working twice as hard for half as much and ask nothing of Wall Street?

Yes, it is a 1st Amendment Right to peacefully protest.  They are allowed to do so, but why at the expense of the residents, local and small business owners? The answer is clear, someone is putting them up to it and taking focus and attention away from the current politicians and government.  Again, protest for all eternity, but do it where its needed, Washington, not the residents and small businesses of Wall Street.  This is just as ludicrous as punishing Mexico for drug exportation when Americans are the #1 consumers of drugs from that country and 90% of the weapons the drug lords have are manufactured in the USA and sold in Texas to those drug lords and gangs.  Let’s eliminate the problem first, then go after the secondary level offenders.  We need to confront Washington, then go after Wall Street.  IN case Washington forgot, we employ them, we, the citizens and taxpayers.  We do not employ Wall Street, in fact, we have a choice to put our money in gold, foreign currency, under our mattresses, or use smaller community banks and avoid giving our money to the bigger banking institutions.  But US Tax Payers have no choice when it comes to paying taxes, we MUST give it to the US Government or face ridiculous fines, penalties including imprisonment and jail time.

Let’s focus here, and the focus on Wall Street is trivial at this point.  They should have bigger fish to fry, like those Occupying Washington.



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