New Wedding Trend

Seems like Weddings are moving to Weekdays like Thursday.  I asked the catering hall how often they get Thursday weddings and he said this was their 3rd Thursday wedding in a row — Normally unheard of unless it was a holiday (thanks giving or another holiday that falls on that day)… its a good sign.  The good sign is that brides are becoming wiser, more creative and they know that restaurants and catering halls are less busy and/or empty so they can get a deal… Why not?  Most people can take Friday off, so why not have it on a Thursday at a fraction of the cost?

In other countries you see people getting married any day of the week.  But for Americans its all about the party and weekends. First so they can have more of their guests attend, and then latter so the guests can enjoy and not leave early if they don’t have work the next day.   Friday is great, guests can work the whole day, attend the reception and have Saturday off.  Same as Saturday, they can party all night, Sunday they have off, monday they are back at work.  And even under the new trend of a Thursday wedding, guests can take a Friday off in the summer (as many do) and attend a wedding and enjoy.

For me, a photographer and videographer, I must rather work Thursday, Saturday & Sunday than work a straight Friday, Saturday, Sunday and be dead tired on Monday.  Its all good, I love to see people getting married and being economically wise.  Its the atmosphere that matters, not the day or even the place.



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