Limes & Corn Look Alike?

So I am in the supermarket.  I only have about 7 items and the cashier is chatting away.  One lady looks at her and the cashier look at us and says “don’t worry, the line is moving along”  So, in a bag I tell her its “4 limes” and some she looked at it, either typed in the wrong code or just assumed it was 4 ears of corn.  I know 4 lemons might look similar, or 4 kiwis, or 4 whatever, but you would think she would have caught it, but then again she was too busy running her mouth.  Ok… well, she charged me for 4 ears of corn but it was actually 4 limes.. only a .33 cent difference in price, but this was principle, how can you do this all day long and not pay attention to what you are doing and carry on endless stories with shoppers who really don’t care about your purchase and how it relates to how you would prepare it for holiday meals?

So, I only went back because I needed some bulk items, and I went to the cashier next to her and she is still rambling on about how she does things during holidays to shoppers nearly 2 hours later.  Really?  I know it must be boring and there is nothing wrong with friendly, but seriously, not paying attention, overcharging shoppers for the WRONG items goes beyond incompetence in this day and age.  Food price are at the point where its almost cheaper to dine out or go for takeout.  Most will not question a .33 cent over charge, some will notice but not care, I only went back because I forgot a few bulk items and had to go to the bank across the street.  Even still… you have a scanner, and if the scanner does not pick up a barcode, you have an item from produce with only 4 numbers… how hard is it to do your job?  Really?  You think if you had a job you would be extra contentious knowing that in a rough economic time you could be the first to go if your work is not up to par.


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