Cheap or Stupid?

I decided to give an old “new” diner a try.  The diner has been there over 30 years, probably 50.  It recently burnt down and reopened.  Its a hot day, all I wanted was a BLT (bacon, lettuce tomato sandwich).  I know its stupid simple to make, but I didn’t feel like buying a loaf of white bread, a toaster, or a pound of bacon.  In order to do bacon right, it has to be the oven, and as I said, its 90F out today.  Sure, the lettuce and tomato I could have used leftovers to make a salad during the week, but I really wanted a BLT, something I have not had in like a year (that I can remember).  So, I order a BLT with fries well done to insure they are not pale, and a tad brown, I love them like that.

So, I get home and they have 2 large styrofoam containers.  One with the fries, one with the sandwich, cole slaw & pickle.  The fries were not well done but not pale, I am ok with that, but I really didn’t need a double order of fries.  In fact, I specifically asked for a small order, but I realize they only make one size.  But why give me extra if I said small and waste another container?  Sure, I could have saved them and reheated during the week.  However, they idiots put them in the styrofoam container while they were still hot and the bottom layer actually slightly melted.  Plastic & Potatoes, my have.  So, I threw the other half of them out anyway.  Don’t people know things fried at 350F in hot oil is going to melt something styrofoam?  Would it have killed them to put a piece of parchment or foil on the bottom first?  The sandwich came in parchment, so why wouldn’t they put that on the bottom of the fries?  Why not give me half the fries I paid for (I wouldn’t have complained) and put it all in one container with foil on the bottom?  I guess I just don’t get it.

So, I titled this cheap or stupid… clearly they were not wanting to save any money here, so its just stupidity.  I know I am ranting, but I guess what is so frustrating is, this was a very simple thing, sure I could have made it better at home, but something that took me 10 minutes and cost me $10 for takeout would have cost me $15 to buy all the ingredients and probably 30 minutes to make.  Sure, I would have had about 5 sandwiches, but I didn’t want 5, I’ve lost 10 lbs this Summer, and anyone knows that bacon is like like eating peanuts or popcorn, you can’t eat one, you eat the whole bag.

In any case, how to professional cooks not know these things?  Why bother to spend money in local establishments that can’t get something so simple right? (I will spare you on how poorly constructed the BLT was, that is a whole other issue).  Ok, I am done.  Next time, just charge me half price, let me come into the kitchen and make it myself and I will leave a tip.  Sounds fair to me.

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