Holidays & Food

I don’t remember what holiday it was.  I think it was warmer.  Maybe it was Easter, perhaps Memorial Day or even the 4th of July  But I saw Chinese takeout being delivered.  I wasn’t sure to feel sad or happy.  For me, I think I would be happy, who does not love Chinese food?  But more, on a holiday, I think I would want to be eating traditional holiday foods.  Turkey at Thanksgiving; Ham (and or lasagna in an Italian household) for Christmas; and of course Hot Dogs & Hamburgers on American holidays such as Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.   I think every one can manage that.  However, ordering takeout on Thanksgiving… that can go 2 ways — no cooking, and food you love… or, it can be, no time to cook or shop, so let’s just order something in.   It all depends on the context.

I once read a rant on FaceBook from a Jewish friend was ranting how she feels like a caged animal on Christmas because everything is closed and there is nothing to do.  So not true.  Chinese restaurants are open, cable tv and Netflix is always available as well as a DVD collection and dozens of programs on TV, and if that is not enough, movie theaters are open.  Why in the world would anyone complain about a day off with nothing to do?  The Jewish people just had 8 days to celebrate… and now there is one day to relax?  Sounds perfect to me.  If they feel left out, why not make a dinner in honor of Jesus since he was a Jew?  If not, Just make dinner, have family over, OR order in Chinese, make popcorn and make it a movie night?  Seriously, just because its not a faith you don’t recognize or celebrate, that means its a day of nothing?  No, make it a day of something… religious or not… order in, take out, go to movies, watch movies in, invite friends over, but please don’t take any holiday for granted.  Even if its a day you sit home alone reading a book and eating pizza or takeout or even junk food… as long as it makes you happy… remember, its a holiday to others, but its a day you yourself can do whatever the hell you want… so enjoy!


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