Mac Apple Crazy

Maybe it was the heatwave.  I could not work, and I wanted to head to my bedroom to edit video while in air conditioning. Sure, on a slower laptop machine, but better than suffering and sweating.  I headed to the Willowbrook mall and after a long wait, I was served on by a guy I had bought a few other things from… Joey. I wound up getting a free printer when I bought the MacBookAir and the AppleTV.   For me, the MacBookPro is overkill, and the new MacBookAir gives me more ease to edit those things I would have on the fly.  Sure, with no CD/DVD burner , I had to connect a USB Bluray burner, but got Adobe CS Master Suite installed, and speed does not seem to be a problem.  Full size keyboard makes it even easier.

AppleTV is actually quite cool.  Only $99 and you just hook in and watch your NetFlix account or your youtube or rent movies… but also it has great music channels free.

I will add more as I explore it more.  A few things I can tell you that I don’t  like are unit keypad; only USB connections (no firewire, ethernet); but it runs cooler, but still warm, and I will add to this as I explore the MacBookAir further….


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