Verizon & Skype

Interesting Find from SKYPE FAQ Page.
I am currently thinking of bailing out of my AT&T Contract and getting the iPhone5 once it comes out.  The problem is, because of the Tsunami and earthquake in Japan, its release has been delayed (components of the iPhone5 are made Japan while it is ultimately “assembled” in China).  In any case, I currently have the iPhone4 and at this point, I am so frustrated not only with the AT&T service itself, but their customer service as well.  I will spare you the rant, but I’ve been a wireless for over 20 years, from pagers to even the car phone which they would have to hard wire into the trunk of my car and needed a special antenna.  I think about the only wireless service in the NYC are I have never used is SPRINT.  AT&T ranks amongst the lowest of both customer and actual wireless service in my opinion.  I don’t live in the woods or a rural area.  I am 15 mins from Newark, 25 mins from Manhattan, 2 hours from Atlantic City and 2 hours from Philadelphia.  Why I can use my Verizon phone in the same exact spot in my house that I can’t use my AT&T phone makes no sense without a broad knowledge of network logistics.
So, while I am all about to jump ship and pay the early termination fee to move over to Verizon, I found this interesting item on the Skype website while actually looking into information about fax numbers.  Maybe I should just take a second look/thought at dropping AT&T as fast as they drop my calls and customer service concerns:
What is causing my Skype calls to drop on my Verizon iPhone?
Unfortunately, Verizon’s CDMA network cannot maintain a data connection and incoming calls to your mobile simultaneously. So when you receive a call to your Verizon phone, your data connection will cut out. This will automatically end any Skype calls you are on and sign you out of the Skype application until the voice call ends.
When I saw the AT&T commercial where the newlywed husband forgets his anniversary, and his wife calls, and he is able to find a local romantic restaurant online all while on his AT&T iPhone, I laughed.  I thought it was a stretch, but later learned that many do in fact surf and check email while on the phone.  Talk about multi-tasking!  I don’t, I concentrate on the call since I am not on the phone much.  Verizon NOT being able to websurf/email while on phone was NOT a deal breaker for me, however, if I am on a Skype call and have an incoming call and Skype disconnects, I have serious concerns.  Especially since I have the same unwanted calls coming in (telemarketers, friends who just call to chat while in traffic while I am eating dinner, etc).  It would be fine if I could override the system and choose to have actual phone calls end/not come in while on Skype, but the fact is, if I am on Skype and an unwanted call comes in, Skype will disconnect.  Do I skip the upgrade and live with AT&T for the duration of the contract, or do I get a 2nd iPhone with Verizon and pay for 2 data plans?  I have some thinking and research to do.

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