Media Obsession

Media Obsession

I am not sure how it is outside of New York City or in other parts of the world, but even in Washington DC, US President Obama said in an exclusive interview that he would resign if he was under the same circumstances as Democrat Congressman Wiener.

One of his female recipients of his “inappropriate” photo said “I don’t see the harm in these photos, I don’t see the media’s obsession with them or him.  That being said, yes, he should resign”.    So why should he resign?  If you ask me, its sheer stupidity.  Who doesn’t know that if you are sending/exchanging “explicit” photos that you would have an anonymous and/or fake email/twitter account?  Any moron knows that.  I mean, we all do it right?  Maybe not the guy under the name BeerPartyDude69 or SpicyStacy4U, but those people obviously don’t care and know how they are representing themselves.  They are online and using such names for such obvious reasons.  SO why would a public figure, with a wife who is young, beautiful, pregnant AND aid to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton go and tweet his meat?  Is it a crime, definitely not.  You see men wearing less on the beach in a speedo or thong.  And, if he wanted to send out pix of his buff bod, that is fine too, but he couldn’t do it from a different name/account other than his official verified account?  Really?  Was he that stupid or that arrogant or that self-destructive?

Again, a middle age man with his shirt off, does not offend me, and if it turns on someone 10+ years younger, its all good… but when you are a politician, remember you are running for office, not for GQ or Maxim or Playgirl.  Him having his shirt off is not offensive, its him lying about having his shirt off (as if thats a sin) and him lying about so many things while his wife is out of the country and pregnant.  Cheap thrills are fun, but not when you cross the boundaries of marriage, the sake of your wife, child, political party, supporters, etc.  Again, get a fake account if you have issues and fantasies you need to live out! No, that does not make it better for the perpetrator, but at least it shows he is taking precaution to not expose those closest to him for something that is so DUH 101 that even a grammar school kid can figure that one out.

Ok, so here are photos of him with his shirt off… wow.  Let’s cut this new story off by 30 seconds and show some soldiers dying needlessly in other countries with their limbs blown off. I know its a juicy tabloid news item, but Spitzer had a much better story to tell than this guy.  Spitzer was actuall living it, Wiener was only living it virtually as a thrill.

Sure, he should resign, mostly due to stupidity (how can someone like this protect his voters if he cannot protect himself from such stupid mistakes), then, get “rehab” (however you rehabilitate that sort of thing) then quietly re-enter politics if that is your passion.  He needs to tend to his pregnant wife, help raise their child, then, years after, he can come back and say “that experience changed my life, now I know what this is all about and what life is about and I want to help others” — Then he has a chance, right now, blaming hackers, running away “going into rehab” — seriously… let it go…. shutup about it (like he should have originally done) or go out on a leave of absence.  I can much more easily forgive him for taking his shirt off than Janet Jackson exposing her bare breast during a superbowl to millions.  Its how he did it, how he lied about it, and how he handled it in the aftermath.

This should be the least of all our problems while war and natural disasters rage on through much of the world.

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