Forbes once said, that “if you have a job without aggravations, you do not have a job” – its true and I agree.  We all have to deal with some sort of nonsense, the uneducated client, the person who thinks they are professional only because they have professional equipment but does not know how to use it, or the person that has the professional equipment but no experience and/or skills.

While many hate Donald Trump and his ego, I have to give him due respect.  His father handed him a construction company nearly bankrupt and he turned it into a billion dollar empire.  He had grown up walking through condemned buildings with his father, rebuilding them and he was not one that just walked into it.  He did is share of site surveying, often picking up a shovel himself, and knew what it was like from the bottom up.  Like any good skilled craftsman or craftsperson, you start off at the bottom?  Why at the bottom? because you have to know every aspect if your business and respect every job those under you have.  Chefs may feel comfortable yelling at cooks and dishwasher and waiters to move faster, but until they have done that job personally they will see its not always easy to clear a dining room when only half the people are done eating and wish for more wine to finish their meal.  Dishwashers can never clean fast enough, and this is something that Chef need to know and often do understand. If you are a guest, make their lives easier, hold on to your fork, its easy to clean with a napkin if  you are at a buffet, its the first thing they run out of, clean forks.  So hold on to yours.

Back to jobs, well the are out there.  Bag groceries, pump gas, be a janitor, don’t have any shame, there is no shame in working.  While working even at the bottom level, you will meet people, see you are willing to work and might make you a contact.

If you go on an interview, make them an offer they cannot refuse, tell them you will work one week for free, no payment needed.  Work a full 40 hour week for them and if they like you I am sure they will hire you, and if they don’t ask them to please list you as working there and give you a good referral or recommendation, has to be better than going on interviews and sitting at home no?

Its very hard out there, I know this, but there are people hiring for retail jobs and jobs most people don’t want to do.  Even if you don’t want to do them, remember, being employed here and there for a short time displays the fact for future employers that you are eager and willing to work even if its not the ideal situation.  Keep trying.  I’d rather volunteer and get food stamps than to sit home and collect them without making effort, because remember, when you are out and about, you are meeting people and making connections.



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