Health: Mobile/Cellular Phones

More than once in the past year there have been major news stories about how cellular phone might cause cancer.  For those of us under 30, we might not have known this, but those of us over 40 know this for sure.  Over 10 years ago my cousin had brain surgery on the right side of her brain (where she held her phone to) and that is where it was for long periods of time.  She was a retail sales woman for a major chain.  After surgery, she seems to be fine now.

This week the World Health Organization (WHO) put out a report that cell phones can cause cancer and/or be hazardous to our health.  But, we already knew this, and have known this for years.  Even since they first came out 20 years ago.  Cell phones operate on several high microwave signals, UHF (Ultra High Frequency) is one of them.  Sure a BlueTooth device in your ear might make you a better or safer driver, but its also going to bring you a few steps longer to cancer.

Here is the problem.  Mobile and cellular phones have become an important and necessary item in our daily lives.  Not just for phone calls, but for directions, text messaging and emails.  We can’t do without it, because we can’t be trapped at home by a desk with a landline phone waiting for information.   Now, while we are out and about, and the signal is not good or the calls are bad and end abruptly, we complain, the phone companies and carriers respond by boosting the signal.  Years go by, we are happy with no dropped calls and a faster internet, until another report comes out.  Back to square one.  We have to decide, better connections, less microwave signals that can effect our health.


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