Osama Bin Laden

The news of the year (so far, especially if you are American) is that the US Military (Navy Seals, a special operations team) shot and killed Osama Bin Laden after billions if not trillions of dollars were spent in wars to try and find him.  I was very happy about this, my only regret is that he did not die the same horrific death as many from the World Trade Center who were actually on fire and tortured as they jumped from 100 flights to their death only because they could not stand the intense heat and/or their clothes being on fire.

Osama Bin Laden was shot, killed, given a Muslim burial at sea within 24 hours of his death as is Islamic law.  Its a shame that 10 years later many families still have no closure that their loved ones are alive, dead, or missing and perhaps suffered brain damaged and/or in a comma in some unknown hospital.  However, the USA did the politically correct thing by giving Osama Bin Laden his last rites as a Muslim by being buried under Islamic laws and traditions.  There is no more painful death I could think of that this man (coward) should suffer from.  I saw my mother die a very slow painful death of cancer though she never smoked.  It was heartbreaking and I would not wish it on my worst enemy.  However, for Osama, I think he should have to endure 10 years of it just as we have.  Not just the American people, but those from all countries and nations he affected.  The London bombings, Spain, USS Cole, thousands died because of him, many of which were his very own people.  The only sympathy he should get is that he was not as bad as Adolph Hitler who killed over 10 million.  Tough act to follow.

What enrages me more are the Pakistanis who say the USA “invaded and killed” one of its citizens.  Well, Pakistani citizens, now you know what it felt like on September 11, 2001, and multiply that by 3,000.   We were invaded blindly, NYC’s greatest landmarks were destroyed, not to mention the portions of the Pentagon and yes, the plot and flight to crash into the white house and/or capital was foiled by brave US citizens onboard that hijacked flight.

We killed Osama in cold blood?  No, he had fair warning, in fact, he knew and ran back into his bedroom to grab a Russian AK-47 Rifle and tried to use one of his dozens of wives as cover.  Even if he was killed in cold blood, even if asleep, I can’t think of a better or worse scenario.  He is lucky he died in seconds while many of our US citizens died on fire, jumping to their deaths, burning to death and/or buried underground for days if not weeks until they died.  He got off easy.  In fact, too easy.  That is my regret.

When Timothy McVie was executed, I was somber.  He deserved it, but I felt no joy.  When Sadaam Hussein was executed, it was the same.  These were people who knew ther time was up, but actually claimed responsibility and accepted their actions.  With Osama Bin Laden, this was not the case.  He was defiant until the end, and like comedian Jay Leno said, “I don’t need to see the photos of him after he was dead, I want to see the photos of him just before he died”.  I agree, I want to see the look on his face, he was prepared to die, but many of the world’s citizens were not when his murderous plots were carried out.  Children said goodbye to their parents as they went off to school, never knowing that in a few hours their parents were gone.  Osama Bin Laden had the most pacifistic death he could possibly ever have.  Two shots in the head means instant death.  Far more human than the pain and terror he put thousands through.

As for Pakistani relations?  If I were president, I would move all US troops in Afghanistan troops to surround Pakistan and wage a new war.  Not out of spite and not because I love war, and I hate what it does to families and world relations.  But remember this one basic fact:  Pakistan was accepting $10 billion in aid to “find’ Bin Laden.  In at least 5-7 years, they could not have NOT known he was living in a million dollar compound a few miles from the major military base.  The fact is, they made more from not finding Bin Laden then actually finding him.  How did they use this money?  To buy more weapons, nukes and fight their neighbors like India.  Don’t take my word for it… do the research.  But its all human nature, if someone was giving you $1million each year to find a known criminal, and you knew he was hiding nearby, and knowing that once you found him your $1million/year would disappear, would you turn him in?  Of course not.  Its money, just like there is no cure for cancer or HIV, its because the money to be made is in the remedy of the symptoms, not the cure.  Again, Pakistan has a lot to answer for, and quite frankly, now has never been a better time to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan and place them in Pakistan.  They are one of the poorest countries on the planet, and they have waged nuclear war on its neighbors — if any country needs a hardcore intervention, its Pakistan.  No, of course not the Pakistani people, but yes, the Pakistan government.

Also, ask yourself this.  Where did they finally find hundreds of US flags to burn when they cannot afford food?  Did they buy them?  Were they supplied by their government, Al Queda or Taliban?  I promise you, if I had $1 in my pocket, and was starving, I would buy $1 worth of rice for my family, not on a flag to burn in protest the killing of a man who the entire world wanted to see dead.  Even the Dali Lama (in so many words) said this was ok and the right thing to do.  Almost all agree, except the psychos that say his blood will be repaid.  Guess what.  We can kill him 3000 more times and it won’t even begin to make up for the 3000+ lives he cost in one day alone, let alone all the others over his 20year history.

And just in case you think he was not responsible for those crimes, evidence found in his compound indicated he was using alternative methods of mass destruction such as railroads, trains and small hometowns on July 4th (US Independence Day) and the Anniversary of September 11, 2001 — nice guy… and some think he was a victim?  No, he was the Hitler of our time in the 21st century, its just a shame it took us 10 years to eliminate him.  If anyone thinks differently, then I have to agree with President Obama for the very first time:  “If you think differently, you need your head examined” — fair trial does not exist in this case, did those 3000+ victims get a fair trial before dying the most horrific death possible?   At least the Japanese in WWII attacked a military base, but Bin Laden chose 4 air flights, 4 buildings, an embassy in Africa, the Mid East and of course the very same WTC in 1993.  He admits and claims responsibility, has often broadcast more threats as the same kind and materials found in his compound reveal the same.  Fair trial?  He had one, he pleaded guilty from the start.


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