Skype Chat Application

Back in “the day” circa 1996 ICQ was the international software application for video and chat.  Just to show you how old I am, my ICQ # is 544963 — that’s right, I was one of the first half million users which is now over 100 millions users.  This internationally friendly chat application has now been replaces or succeeded with — which I though might be the same company, but in any case, Skype is the real deal, free and the ultimate chat application.  Not only for internet messaging but also for phone, video and many other applications.

While PC/Windows still seem to rule the world, Apple/Mac seem to be grabbing a bigger share.  Skype is great because it is cross platform and can be downloaded to PC, Mac, Android and/or nearly any other mobile device.  What I like is that you can buy a phone number in your area for relatives or friends to call which will ring to any phone you like… only $5/month.  This far beats out any mobile phone company keeping you locked into a contract for 2 years. Sure, there are fees, but even if you are outside of your country, $10 in Skype credits will last you a week of calls, maybe even 2 or 3.

ONLY in the USA are there phones that come with high prices and contracts.  In other parts of the world its pay as you go, no contracts and even if the per minute charge for calls is higher, at the end of the day or year, you are still paying far less for calls than “unlimited” saving a bundle and not locked into any contracts that will cost you $100-$200 to cancel even if you do it 2-3 weeks before the contract expires.

With Skype on your laptop or computer (as long as it has a camera) you can call anyone in any part of the world by typing in their email, user name and/or phone number.  If you have an account with Skype, and you are not always at your computer, if someone is trying to reach you, that message will then be forwarded to the phone number of your choice.

Skype accounts are free.  Skype phone numbers are $18 for 3 months and about $60 for the year.  Credits start at $10 to $25 and at a few cents per minute, no matter how you count it, its still cheaper than the big 3 of ATT, TMobile & Verizon.  Consider it.  If you have no need, get an account for free at


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