Crisis Upon Crisis

Planet Earth has a lot of problems these days.  I am not sure if its the fact that we have more media and more instant reporting with the help of social media networks like FaceBook, Twitter and of course Cable Television, or if we become more sensitive to world matters as we get older.  Whatever the case, 2011 in my mind will only match in significance to 2001.

Along with numerous natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and wars in the Middle East and Northern Africa, we still have a huge economic problem and political unrest in the likes I’ve never seen in my lifetime.  European countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain are economically failing, and of course what happens in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen and numerous other countries in those regions (not even addressing Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.), this planet has its hands full.  If I were an atheist, I would certainly be changing my mind and hope the 2nd coming of Christ was about to arrive.

What I’d like to get away from are the hypocrites, the negative bloggers and those on Twitter who with one breath criticize the West (example: USA) for NOT taking quicker action in places like Libya, but once the US does take action due to UN & World pressure, these very same bloggers start to negatively slam the USA.  Some people are toxic and overly negative and have no real solutions nor any insightful wisdom.  They just like to demonize whoever is in the news, whether its the USA, Charlie Sheen or whoever got voted off American Idol.  These people need to be avoided and “unfollowed” or “unfriended” and/or blocked from your social media feeds.  One Twitter member started slamming St. Patrick’s Day protesting that many in Japan an the Middle East were suffering, so how can we party?  Well while I am not Irish, I do love Guinness, corned beef, cabbage and potatoes, and I don’t see why I should stop living because there is tragedy in the world.  At any given time in history there have been wars, famine, natural disasters and injustices.  We cannot stop living, and if we start fasting and stop enjoying life every time there is a tragedy, we are doomed to a long life of suffering and pain.   We should be aware of the world’s problems, but even if not, we all have family and friends who go through marriages, births, divorces, and death, for these reasons, we should stop celebrating and/or enjoying our leisure time?  I think not.


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