It’s All About Oil

It’s All About Oil.  That is what many will say when the US is at war.  Many of the Middle Eastern countries will also put forth this statement.  Here is one of the many typical comments I have seen today: “Libyan oil production down 70% – maybe now Western countries will get involved and help the Libyan people because oil is involved”.  Not fair, not true and not accurate on so many levels.

First understand that oil is about national security, of any nation. Oil keeps the trains, planes, busses and armed forces operating.  This includes emergency services when there are hurricane, tornado, flooding and/or earthquakes as well as many other needs. And, not the least of which it heats our homes, schools, office and allows our factories and farms to continue operating to producing every day items like clothes, food, shelter, newspapers, the cup we drink our morning coffee in and the take out food if we are working too late to prepare at home.  Oil is no small thing, it is not an item of greed or luxury and it is nothing the equivalent of driving the SUV to the mall on a Sunday to shop in an air-conditioned shopping mall.  If you can grasp that concept, read on, if you can’t then never question why there are wars and military interventions.  Here is why:

A Western country make an investment in a foreign country. Western corporations pour billions of dollars into resources that country has knowing that it will 1) provide a return of a resource much needed 2) employ citizens of that nation with an income, thus helping the economy and a beneficial lifestyle 3) stability in this instance rewards all:  A) West gets their oil B) MidEast gets income and employment of its people and contributes to the economy; C) Everyone benefits on all side, the West, the Oil Producing countries; the distributors, the tankers/truckers, etc etc etc.

So, let’s just revisit why oil is important: It fuels the West which they need for transportation, factory production, household, schools and offices; it then empl0ys the citizens of those oil-rich countries to produce, in addition to creating jobs on all levels.

If you were to eliminate oil, its production and need, then basically oil-produciong countries would not be needed. Their economy would sink, their citizens would starve and they would be floating on sludge instead of a resource that is very much needed by Western countries (not to mention BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa).  These are countries not traditionally recognized and/or consumers of oil, which is important.

So while the oil producing countries go on to bash the west for not supporting their causes, first they must realize that oil is more than a drive to the mall or an air-conditioned house or SUV on a road trip.  When your governments punish us, the West (who are typical middle class or poor citizens like yourself) react by NOT buying gas or oil. The decision is NOT to travel, cut back on gas, cut back on vacations, cut back on road travel, air travel and even train/bus travel.  So when those reductions in Western consumption lead to oil production and those in oil-producing countries, please don’t blame the West.  Please don’t blame the investors/promotors/consumers of your products.  Instead, blame your governments. Investors paid the price/taxes/construction of those oil rigs, they are just looking for a return on an investment.  When there is civil unrest, don’t blame the west.  We did all we could to bring riches to your people.  If your leaders cheated you, that is not the fault of the West.  And the west never wanted this, sometimes they do seek to protect their interests.  Yes, those billion dollar oil wells are property of the west, They are the property of those who build them and while they may not have the rights to the oil drawn from those wells, the west has every right to those facilities which paid out billions to build/secure/employ many, including citizens of that country.  But please do not ever think its the rich western countries robbing from the oil producing countries — trust that the oil producing counties have any/all power, but they also need to recognize that the west allowed and enabled them to produce something that was basically sludge.  So, do not disrespect the West.  Because when we stop using your product, your people suffer, and again, you blame the west for economic recession.  We use oil, we are accused of exploiting despite the billions invested.  We stop using oil and conserve, the west is accused of causing a world wide economic crisis…  EVERY COUNTRY IN EVERY PART OF THE WORLD NEEDS TO REMEMBER THAT WE ALL DEPEND ON EACH OTHER.  You want to increase the price of oil?  Those countries will decrease their consumption of oil. We ALL depend on each other.  If you want to blame anyone, blame the speculators of commodities in oil, gold, fuel, etc, blame your governments if you produce the world’s supply of crude oil and are still starving while they build palaces and you have nothing to eat… BLAME THE RIGHT PEOPLE, do NOT blame the west for consumption — because in the end, if the west does not consume, your people fail due to lack of employment/revenue and  your government continues to collect riches on what little you do work/sell.

IT IS NOT the fault of the USA, the UK or the west.  It is the fault of your system.  And the west cannot continue to invade/oppress and/or provide military assistance to those countries in need, because then Western countries would be involved with EVERY continent and nearly every major country where injustices occur.

Oil — its not just for breakfast, lunch, dinner, but everything more than those who use this argument as a fault of the West.







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