Rainy Sunday

So, its a very rainy Sunday here in North Jersey. I worked late, slept late, and I saw on Twitter that Tom Colicchio was making meatballs for the Sunday Gravy and got envious.  And yes, it is gravy, marinara sauce is sauce, but when you add meat and cook, it becomes gravy because meat and/or meat drippings are involved.  However, I have not made any in a long time, and I am not motivated to go out, buy all I need to make the Sunday Gravy and spend hours cooking it.  So, I decided to take it easy, have a light breakfast and use sauce from a jar.  Before you purists judge me, it is a jarred sauce from a famous chef and I made a decision to buy jarred sauce for two important reasons.  The first because I want to try what these celebrity chefs put their name on and secondly, sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking and want something I can use and feel good about.  I can feel good about these sauces because I always read the label.  If it has no chemicals, preservatives and/or words I am not familiar with listed in ingredients, I am immediately convinced that this is a product worth buying.  Even more so, at $5 per jar which I will certainly get 5 servings from, the cost is justified since I will not have to spend 1+ hours of cooking time and/or use of electric/gas energy to produce.

I’ve tried two sauces so far, Mario Batali’s Arrabiata (spicy tomato) and Lidia’s Marinara, both when I opened, I smelled and the first thing that hit my head was “fresh”, fresh as if it were made on the spot, this is a good sign.  After spooning a portion into the pan to heat while the pasta was cooking I licked that spoon and it was what I knew would be good.  Even reheating re-cooks sauces, so I had to be sure to taste it before reheating it.  All is good.

So, I used an egg pasta called ciciroline (square spaghetti made from egg & dough) and after several tries of this pasta, I did not like it.  Its double or triple the price of any other packaged pasta, imported from Italy, and hard to find, but you know that does not matter much if you just don’t like it.  Its basically square spaghetti, but the texture is slippery and I don’t like the taste, texture or much else about it.  No fault of the pasta, its just my personal preference. I added a 3-0unce Brazilian lobster tail cut in half, but again, not my best sunday meal.  I have to get back to the Sunday gravy with meatballs, sausage and maybe even a little braciole, must thicker, richer and flavorful.

I decided to use a small 3oz. Brazilian lobster tail to top the dish. Looks pretty good, but I think there is a better way to prepare this dish.  I don’t like cirioline pasta (after several tries) it was ok, I just don’t like frozen seafood, egg pasta or jarred sauce… sorry 😦



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