Good Food Tips from Twitter

Chicken Wings & Homemade Dumplings

Chicken Wings & Homemade Dumplings

Ashina Japanese & Chinese Restaurant in Parsippany, NJ

As much as those who hate or are resistant to new social networking trends, they are helpful, especially twitter.  From food reviewer/photojournalist and food/spirit judge, Warren Bobrow (@WarrenBobrow1 on Twitter)  I got a valuable tip just in time for my brother’s birthday when he wanted Vietnamese food, but none close by (the nearest one closed), and I was in the mood for Thai, not Chinese or Japanese — Solution?  Ashina which serves authentic Japanese food, Sushi, Chinese and even some Thai dishes!  Great find, thanks Warren and Twitter!

With all the social networking out there and restaurants, there is an overload of information and tons of restaurants, but how do you know which are good?  Twitter, FourSquare, and other such networking sites.  As it turns out, Warren Bobrow is reviewing for the Daily Record, NJ Monthly and other great, reputable news sources. The fact is, I don’t read the newspaper unless its on my iPad, and magazine subscriptions only pile up on my coffee table.  But Tweets on my specific interests are very helpful.  I see a tweet, I click on it and get the full story, if it does not interest me, I just pass it by.  So, this was a good local find.  The homemade pork dumplings were the best I ever had.  The chicken wings were not my choice of appetizers, but its what my guest wanted, and they were perfect, crisp, crunchy, not dry and not greasy and cooked to perfection.

Next was the main meal… my brother got the Sushi platter and the colors and presentation was better than nearly I have ever seen, have a look, I love the way they cut and stacked the California roll, rarely do you see it dusted with caviar or roe and the presentation of the sushi itself at an angle was pretty impressive.  Its the simple things sometimes that make the difference.  The fish was fresh, colorful and presented in a way we like to see it.

I’ve been eating my share of fish these days, and I had not had Pad Thai in years.  The problem with all these great foods is that you can easily find them in NYC, but so hard to find in NJ without driving for miles.  If I am going to drive to Jersey City, or Newark, or even Central Jersey, I might as well drive directly into NYC and get the best of the best and still visit the city which is my playground which I love.  So, if Rungsit is still around on East 23rd Street & 2nd Avenue, I’d be surprised, but they had the best Thai food I ever had.  This dish was interesting, it was good, uniquely presented, much different than the Pad Thai I am used to, and my only complaint was the chicken was bland.  I was about to order the shrimp Pad Thai, but I just had shrimp yesterday.  This was perfectly cut strips of scrambled egg that looked like fettucini, vegetables, topped with crushed peanuts, a bit spicy and you can see a nice small wedge of lemon.  Not a lot of chicken, but again, not too tasty anyway… I should have ordered the vegetarian or even beef.

Over all this place was a great find.  No liquor license (an ice cold Asian beer would have been great) but certainly you can bring your own.  One thing I would encourage the staff to do is also bring the hot mustard (not just the sweet & sour sauce) with the crispy fried noodles.  It was VERY hot and especially to my liking.  And the noodles were not at all greasy… these people really got it right, but people like myself appreciate the “staples”, just like water, olive oil and hot bread at an Italian restaurant, I also want a pot of hot Chinese tea, hot mustard and chopsticks placed at the time of seating.

My thanks again to Warren Bobrow:

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