State of the Onion Address

As much as I try to resist listening to the President of the USA speak (no matter which president it is), I always partially tune in, especially when they are occupying every single tv station I would normally be listening to.  I have to admit, with much resistance, I walked away with a more positive attitude after listening to US President Obama.    It is true, we have more planes, cars and other exports to ship overseas.  Sure, Asia has good cars, but we invented and perfected the assembly line, and even if they are not buying, Americans will.  We have some great cars our there that WILL sell, and we have the production plants for OTHER countries to occupy should that be the case — we know autos… hands down.  We also know many other things like airlines — we manufacture the best.  Other countries need this.  Of course there are Hollywood movies, music, franchises like fast food (not my fave) but many other things… corn, wheat, even chicken legs to China — yes, that is correct, China’s #1 import from USA is chicken feet. Why? Because Americans do not eat this part but China does.  So, Perdue is the #1 exporter of chicken feet to China.  For the first time in my life I actually saw these chicken feet in my local Shop-Rie Supermarket today.  What we throw away, other countries like China are happy to buy cheap since we Americans eat a LOT of chicken.

Here are some things that US President Obama said that I like, love and will share:

1)  Government is too big and has not been changed since black & white TV.  We have a government agency that looks over and protects fresh water salmon, but we have a different agency that oversees salt water salmon.  If it is smokes salmon, it gets more complicated (this was a hilarious joke but one I must share as it also is in tune with the irony of over-governing of something as simple as fish).

2)  Men/Women who wish to serve in the military for the country that they love, will be able to regardless of WHO they love.  Essentially, this means if they are straight/gay/lesbian and/or even a Muslim who loves freedom and the USA, they are able to serve in the US Military.

3)  People suffering in THIS nation, would never want to trade places with people in OTHER nations.
So true.  We might not be in good times, but bad times in USA is always a better time than good times in any other country.

The world has been betting against the USA since 1776 when there was the war for independence from the British Empire.  Today they are our strongest allies.   The USA has prevailed for 300+ Years, and for those of you in Europe or other parts of the world who do not think this is significant, remember, the USA is the oldest, longest, strongest democracy which still survives today over all other nations and the $ US Dollar still prevails as the currency of comparison.  We will prevail, and we will remain a major player/economy should we fall on hard times… but make no mistake, the USA will ALWAYS be a world consumer/leader/protector, so take caution before you denounce it.  We didn’t get this far on McDonald’s, Elvis and Hollywood, that is only the tip of the iceberg… we have contributed so much more to the world and its economy than these simple things on the surface.



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