Back from Brazil

Back From Brazil!

Greetings!  I am back from Brazil and already with “saudades” – longing, yearning, great sentimental emotions for something that has passed and one hopes they could return to.  Brazil is not well understood, and with good reason.  As mentioned in previous posts, its the largest country in South America but they do not speak Spanish, they speak Portuguese, if you speak one, there is a good chance you can understand and/or communicate with the other.  But Brazil is fiercely independent, and their very long history of independence has been landmark in not only South America, but the rest of the world.

At the same time, Brazil is more “user friendly” with Europeans for one simple reason:  They speak Portuguese, Spanish, Italian.  All are familiar structured “Romance Languages” but also many words are much the same or close.  It’s not that Brazilians do not like Americans, but Europeans are more friendly because they speak a similar language, whereas Americans speak English.  It is also not because they are not friendly but simply because they cannot speak a similar language like the Europeans.

More to come as I process my experiences & travels, as for now, after being in flight for nearly 25 hours, time for some land-line sleep 🙂


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