Hurricane Hype

Hurricane Hype – My Name is Earl

I am on the fence here, for days the local media has been terrorizing us about this Hurricane Earl, all about to go down on our very last weekend of Summer.  But, it passed through all of NJ, Most of NYC and only reached some parts of the most Eastern parts of Long Island 50+ miles away.  Thank God.  However, while I do feel the media needs to play a role in warning us to help those who might be affected, I am not really sure they need to drum up their ratings by broadcasting it constantly especially AFTER it has passed.

We all understand that weather and storms and hurricanes cannot be predicted as to how strong they are, when they will come and how much (if any) damage they will bring. Otherwise, we would not need all this hype.  We do need some warning, but at the same time, we don’t need constant warnings to drive us to the supermarket to buy foods we don’t need which might be perishable to “stock up”; we don’t need to scare off people who are going to go to the beaches and spend money with their families on this last day of the Summer, and we certainly don’t need to be glued to our TV set and/or media any more so they can ring in ratings.

So why am I on the fence?  Because maybe if Hurricane Katrina got this type of billing, more people/national guard/civilians/rescue workers would have been on the alert.  Again, we never know what a hurricane will bring, it could bring not a drop, maybe a lot of water and flooding, maybe destruction, we never know, because a storm system does not have boundaries and even if its off by a few miles can make all the difference in the world to some people.   Yes, it needs to be reported, but not hyped.  As intelligent people we need to examine our news sources, not just lock down the house and make a mass exodus to the closest land locked area we can find.

I don’t have the answer, other than intelligent thinking, research and gathering facts from a number of different areas, not just the local news who wants you to keep tuned in tuned in to rake in the ratings.

Other resources from local mainstream media:

SO, goodbye Earl, Hello Fiona, and Happy Labor Day weekend to everyone and to everyone good night!


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