Email To My Brother

This was an email to my brother.  Just so some of you don’t think I am an employee or brainwashed by Steve Jobs and/or Apple.  I like smart phones, and I believe iPhone4 to be the very best.  I had the Blackberry and found it to be a pain after several months, now its sitting in a drawer along with a $100 early termination fee (which was well worth it, because now I don’t have that expense for another year); I’ve seen the droid and I’ve seen it NOT work in the Virgin Islands on the Verizon network in the exact same spot I was using my AT&T iPhone when on a business trip with an associate.  And, for all those who think that when Verizon is going to take a chunk out of AT&T when they acquire the rights to sell the iPhone in January, you are only partially right:  Feel free to check my facts here if you don’t believe me, but there are over 10 Million AT&T iPhone users ALONE (not counting their blackberry and/or other users), the total is in the area of 50 million users for each company, Verizon and AT&T — if anyone thinks that if Verizon starts selling the iPhone and they will NOT see the Verizon network being bogged down by millions of more users and any particular area, they are obviously not thinking clearly.

First off, the first generation of iPhones for Verizon have to adapt to a new network and who knows how that first generation of user will handle the signal, architecture and overloads of this new product in their line.  Secondly, even if it works great, that’s even better news for AT&T, their network reliability increases.  And last, don’t forget that it has everything to do with your location.  Those in major cities might not see a change, but I have been in some areas with both users where it works on one side of the room with Verizon and then it has NO service a few feet away on the other side of the room.  I have no issues with Verizon, AT&T or even T-Mobile, I have used all 3 for nearly 15 years now, at times they have all sucked, and at other times they have all served me well.  Just like banks, stocks, highway traffic and relationships, they are all subject to fluctuation, no grudges held.  Its life.  Thankfully, they rule and make life easier more times than they suck.  But here is my take on the iPhone4 in a personal email to my brother:

PLEASE PRINT THIS, it will be easier to digest:  It was too loud/noisy to show you all the things I wanted to on the iphone, but here are just some of the things I do with mine, keep in mind its ALL graphical just like you would see on a laptop or computer, no text bs like the blackberry:

– Phone
– iPod
– Contacts:  phone book of all your personal clients/friends, can be organized in groups, directions on the fly to their house, etc.
– Web browser: just like the internet on computer, use to find local gas/restaurants/coffee/hotels, etc etc etc
– Barcode scanner: when there is no price on an item and you don’t want to be overcharged at checkout
– Weather: exactly where you are (GPS-based, it knows where you are and tells you hourly what it will be)
– voice memos
– text memos
– text messaging
– email
– photo/video camera (2 cameras on both sides of the phone so you can photograph yourself or something else in front of you)
– LED flashlight (its bright, I tried to show you yesterday), but also acts as a camera flash, i didn’t think to use it at the wedding.
– Photo albums: import from your pc to show friends slideshows
– Skype/AIM/MSN chat: calls on skype (free) are amazing and crystal-clear, now you can chat with mario anytime
– face to face video phone conferencing
– maps/GPS
– calendar/appointments
– stock ticker: save and keep your eyes on your favorites
–  youtube
– iBooks: all those audio books you have?  they can all fit on an iphone so you can read them like a regular book, turning pages
– calculator
– compass: (GPS, finds out exactly where you are and tells you how to get somewhere via bus, subway, walking or car)
– constellations: (if you are lost in the woods or at sea and its overcast, but compass would do that too)
– world clocks/timers/alarms/stopwatch
– thermometer: (real time in the area you are actually in)
– wine prices: (so they don’t nail you at the liquor store, OR you can find your fave cheaper somewhere else)
– internet radio: crystal clear, commercial free… choose by genere
– car valet: tap a button when at your car, and when you are lost in a mall or at a wedding in PA, it will lead you back to it
– Games:  pac-man, asteroids, slot machines, solitaire, just for fun
– FourSquare:  everytime you hit a gas station, 7-11, restaurant or supermarket, earn points to get free stuff by “checking in”
– Police Scanner:  actual police scanner, check out whats happening in your town or Los Angeles just for fun
– Time Clock:  I use this like a punch timeclock to see how much time I spend with each client.
– BAC:  Blood/alcohol calculator, so you know if you are safe to drive in whichever state (since they vary)
– Recipes/Cocktails:  thousands of free food/cocktail recipes
– Trivia: thousands of useless facts just for fun

Sounds like a lot of stuff and inundated?  Not really, all these applications fit on 2 screens (12 icons per screen) and can be grouped in folders to cut down on “swiping” to find your favorite application — THEY ARE ALL FREE, some come with a charge, but you can always find a similar one free.  Sounds like a lot of wasted hard drive space?  I have the smallest size 16gb) and I still have 9gb available for literally a thousand more apps for my hobbies and/or professional habits. You can watch TV on it, save music, etc.

I am not trying to sell you on it, I am just letting you know all the capabilities and probably a dozen more I personally don’t use but you might.  For example, if you have a client in one area, it might even help you find a similar client (school/hospital) in that 10mile radius so you can cut down on cold calling and/or deliveries.  I know you have clients all over the state, so if you should get an email from one saying “please stop in” and you were just in that area, you don’t have to make a 2nd trip as you get the emails as they come in.

Its not complex, its a useful tool, and if you use it right, it can be better than a personal secretary or even a high-tech laptop you take with you on the go.

PS – if you are worried about losing it or misplacing it, just logon to another computer and you can locate it.  Let’s just say you left it at a client’s — it will tell you within 100′ where its at, and you can remotely lock it with a 4-digit pin so it cannot be used if stolen, OR you can wipe out ALL the data (backed up online automatically) so no one can get to your personal information for an additional $90/year, and restore it once you get it back or IF you should have to buy a new one – I remember you had an issue with T-Mobile once where they wiped out all your data and gave you no recourse except “sorry” — now you have it all online, 20gb of space, all locked by a password so you can obtain it anytime via iphone or laptop, cafe or computer.

So, there you have it… my take on the iPhone.  Sure, I should be getting paid for this, but when a product this great comes along, I’ve already been repaid.  True, its not without its problems, but what in life isn’t without its problems?  Even if you win the lottery and get a million dollars, you still have to pay half of that to taxes, but wasn’t it worth it?  My only regret is I don’t get to test these products for free, but maybe that is a good thing, because I pay for them full price, I am giving the other consumers my most honest and unbiased opinion.

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