BP Spokespeople

A BP Spokesperson used the term “small people” in a statement.  The public jumped on top of all this as an insult when the person clearly wanted to state “small businesses” – Let’s STOP focusing on terminology and focus on the PROBLEM? We are ALL losers in this sense, big or small. Sure, they have set aside a $20 billion fund to help those who have been hit hardest, however, we know how this works, we know there will be injustices and the people that need it most might not even be considered.  So let’s stop focusing on the BS BP people who use terminology that is not similar to ours… just let’s clean up this mess.  Stop wasting their resources on PR so we can allow them to do their job of cleaning up the worst environmental disaster they have created.  And for any idiot that cannot make sense of this… what I simply mean is, allow BP to clean this up.   Focusing on dumb PR statements only divert’s the company’s attention to PR cleanup, not the ACTUAL cleanup — remember, if they go bankrupt, US taxpayers have to pick up the bill.  The company is already sabotaged, they can only recover by cleaning this up, so don’t kill off the only last chance to have THEM clean it up with THEIR assets NOT ours… think about it!


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