Brazilian Lobster

Brazilian Lobster

Some of the best meals I’ve ever had were simple, and outdoors.  One fine Sunday afternoon I was enjoying fresh lobster. Brazilian lobster from the warm waters off the coast of Brazil are also known as langosta.  While it is a little different than your North American Lobster (much smaller), the look, taste and texture is similar, but I will take langosta any day.  Especially if its caught in front of me, cooked in front of me, served with an ice cold beer and french fries.  What I love about the beaches of brazil is that they are more friendly, what can be better than being served good, hot, fresh food and ice cold beer for a price that is equivalent to about half of what you might pay for a drive-thru fast food meal here.  There is no comparison.  Instead of lemon, fresh lime wedges are served with everything, especially grilled.  The waiter had actually shown us the lobster (or langosta) prior to cooking them, we got to choose those we liked best before he went off to have them cooked.  Certainly a meal I will never forget!


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