I’ve updated all my computer equipment and software to be able to shoot and edit in high definition and deliver on blu-ray.  High definition does look pretty amazing even at 720p, but we are one step closer to a “cinematic” experience with the advantage of extra space in a 16:9 widescreen format over the old “square” TV format of 4:3 aspect ratio.  I can’t say how long blu-ray will be around but its certain to change in a few years since as media is advancing in leaps and bounds instead of steps.  When on the post-production end we hope that all our money was well invested, often, its not.  While it cost me about $10k to upgrade everything to hidef, it only cost me $1k to upgrade to blu-ray.  I hope for that $1,000 me and my clients get at least 2 years worth of use out of it before we go to solid-state chips that will hold twice the amount of data in half the size and price.


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